Our Emergency Medicine program is comprised of 3 years of residency training. The program is fully accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Rotational months are built into each training year and consist of 4-week blocks. Blocks are arranged so that first years are exposed to foundational medicine and Medical ICU training while second and third year blocks consist of trauma resuscitation, more A shifts in the ED, Coronary, Surgical and Pediatric ICU training and Orthopedics. Third year resident blocks will incorporate Obstetrics, Administration, an Elective Month and an International Medicine block.  Each year consists of a 4 weeks of vacation total: either two sets of 2-weeks vacation, or one 2-week vacation plus two sets of 1-week vacations.

First Year (EM-1)

  • Orientation 4 weeks
  • Adult Emergency Medicine  22 weeks (6.5 blocks)
  • Pediatric Brookdale EM 8 weeks (2 blocks)
  • Emergency Medical Services 3 weeks
  • Anesthesia (combined with Ultrasound) 3 weeks
  • Internal Medicine 2 weeks / Coronary Care Unit 2 weeks
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks
  • Ultrasound (split with Anesthesia) 3 weeks
  • Vacation 4 week

Second Year (EM-2)

  • Emergency Medicine (Pediatric Brookdale EM shift mixed in) 28 weeks (8 blocks)
  • Coronary Care Unit 2 weeks / Critical Care Medicine (ED boarded medical ICU patients) 2 weeks
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks
  • Orthopedics 2 weeks / Pediatric EM @ Maimonides Medical Center 2 weeks
  • Ultrasound 4 weeks
  • Vacation 4 weeks

Third Year (EM-3)

  • Emergency Medicine (Pediatric Brookdale EM shifts mixed in) 34 weeks (9 blocks)
  • Obstetrics 2 weeks
  • Elective 4 weeks
  • International Rotation 4 weeks
  • Administration  4 weeks
  • Vacation 4 weeks