Our Emergency Medicine program is comprised of 3 years of residency training. The program is fully accredited by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Rotational months are built into each training year and consist of 4-week blocks. Blocks are arranged so that first years are exposed to foundational medicine and Medical ICU training while second and third year blocks consist of trauma resuscitation, more A shifts in the ED, Coronary, Surgical and Pediatric ICU training and Orthopedics. Third year resident blocks will incorporate Ob/Gyn, Administrative Medicine, an Elective Month and an International Medicine block. Each year consists of a 4-week vacation block.

First Year (EM-1)

Orientation 4 weeks

Emergency Medicine  22 weeks

Pediatric EM 8 weeks

Emergency Medical Services 3 weeks

Anesthesia (split with Ultrasound) 3 weeks

Internal Medicine 4 weeks

Medical Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks

Ultrasound (split with Anesthesia) 3 weeks

Vacation 4 week

Second Year (EM-2)

Emergency Medicine (Pediatric EM shift mixed in) 28 weeks

Coronary Care Unit 4 weeks

Surgical Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 4 weeks

Orthopedics 4 weeks

Ultrasound 4 weeks

Vacation 4 weeks

Third Year (EM-3)

Emergency Medicine (Pediatric EM shifts mixed in) 34 weeks

Ob/Gyn 2 weeks

Elective 4 weeks

International Rotation 4 weeks

Administration  4 weeks

Vacation 4 weeks