Resident Conference Schedule 2018-2019

Note: Please submit written assignments via email by 9:30pm Tuesday evening prior to the corresponding conference
Feb 27th
In-Training Exam Date
March 6th 
8am – 9am M&M (Cecil)
9am – 9:15am Baby Friendly Designation Training (Janice Guild)
9:15am – 9:30am Ultrasound Presentation (Naydich)
       9:30 – 10am Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy
       10am – 10:30am Resident Lecture (Stachtiaris)
       10:30am – 11am Pregnancy and post partum related emergencies (Norstrom)
       11:00 – 11:10am Image of the Week (Diab)
11:10am – 12noon Financial (Cecil)
March 13th 
8am – 9am M&M (Carr)
9am – 10am Child Abuse (Kupferman)
10am – 10:15am Ultrasound Presentation (Faour)
       10:15am  – 11:00am Peds Hour TBD
       11:00am – 11:30am Vaginal Bleeding – non pregnant (Olivo)
       11:30am – 12pm International Medicine (Lindauer)
March 20th 
8am – 9am M&M (Jones)
9am – 10am Peds Hour TBD
       10am – 10:30am Emergency Deliveries (Fieldings)
       1030am – 11am Journal Club
       11am – 12pm Foundations Cases
March 27th 
      ALL NYC EM Conference. 
April 3rd
     Joint Conference – Oral Board Prep @ Brooklyn Hospital


Previous Weeks

Aug 8th
     9am – 10am M&M (Alexander)
     10am – 1045am PED in the ED & PrEP referral (Yager)
     1045 – 1130am Fluid & Blood Resusitation (Alexander)
     1130am – 1145am Break
     1145am – 1pm Foundations Cases (Case #73 & #247) PGY1/2 cases
Written Assignment: none


Aug 15th
     8am – 9am Journal Club (Jones)
     9am – 9:30am OB GYN Lecture/rotation introduction (Sherman)
     10am – 1015am BREAK
     1015am – 11am Emergency Dermatology (Jones)
     11am – noon Foundation Cases (30, 311) PGY 1/2 cases (Jones, Borenstein)
Aug 22nd
8am – 9am M&M (Carr)
9am – 930am General Approach to poisoning (Vu)
10am – 1015am BREAK
1015am – 11am TCAs (Vu)
11am – noon SSRIs, NMS, Serotonin Syndrome (Vu)
Aug 29th
8am – 8:30am Karl Storz CMAC/Fiberoptic representative visit
8:30am – 9am – Resident Townhall Meeting
9am – 10am – M&M (Vu)
10am – 10:15am BREAK
10:15am – 11:15am Tylenol/ASA/Li/Dilantin (Vu)
11:15am – noon Foundations Cases #248 & #233 PGY2/3 case (Vu, Jones)
Sept 5th
     8am – 9am M&M (Jones)
     9am – 10am Patient Safety (Mansky)
     10am – 1015am BREAK
     1015am – 11am Toxic Alcohols (Borenstein)
     11am – 1130am Iron & Heavy Metal Poisoning (Resident lecture – Zwern)
     1130am – noon Caustic/Hydrocarbons Ingestions (Resident lecture – Cecil)
Sept 12th
     9am – 10am M&M (Jones)
     10am – 1030am Herbicides & Rodenticides (Resident Lecture – Perepada)
     1030am – 11am Hypoglycemic agents (Resident Lecture – Bui)
     11am – 1115am Break
     1115am – 1pm Foundations Cases (#85, 94) PGY1/2 cases (Borenstein, Olivo)
Sept 19th
     8am – 9am M&M (Alexander)
     9am – 10am Foundation Cases (45, 320) PGY 1 cases led by PGY 3s (Zwern, Perepada)
     10am – 1015am BREAK
     1015am – noon Foundations Cases (319, 318) PGY1/2 cases (Alexander, Morrison)
Written Assignment: none
Sept 26th
8am – 9am Resident Town Hall Meeting (Residents only)
9am – 10am Medical Documentation (Abramovitz)
11am – 12noon Nearpod Tylenol Toxicity, BBlkrs, Ca Channel Blkrs, Dig toxicity (Vu)
12noon – 12:30pm One Pill Can Kill (Vu)
12:30pm – 1pm Foundations Cases #251 & #249 PGY2/3 case (Vu, Alexander)
Oct 3rd
8am -12noon Special Topics (Vu)
Massive GI Hemorrhage [First10EM]; [LITFL]
Blakemore Tube Placement [First10EM]; [EMRAP Video]; [EMCrit Video]
Emergency Delivery [First10EM]
Umbilical Cord Prolapse [First10EM]
Shoulder Dystocia [First10EM]
Breech Delivery [First10EM]
Postpartum Hemorrhage [First10EM]; [EMin5 Video]
Newborn Resuscitation [First10EM]; [EMin5 Video]
Infant Resuscitation [First10EM]
Written Assignment: none
Oct 10th
7am-730am In-Training Prep Club 1 (Optional – Vu) [Study Strategies, Schedule]
7:30am-9am Faculty Meeting (Faculty Only)
Location: Schulman Schachne Auditorium
9am – 10am M&M (Stefanski)
10am – 1015am BREAK
1015am-1030am PD Hour
       1130am – 1230pm Optimizing Care for Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke (Berkowitz – Lunch Included)
1230pm-1pm Nearpod (Vu)
Oct 17th
8am-8:30am Residency Updates
8:30am-9:15am ACS guidelines (Jones)
9:15am-9:45am Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (Diab, Thomas)
9:45am-10am Break
10am-1130am ACEP Resident Presentations (Carter, Majumdar, Minhas)
11:30pm-12pm Trauma Kahoot (Jones)


Readings: (through and including section 5 – Reperfusion therapy)

Written Assignment: Five things you learned or find interesting from above article

ACS Guidelines Lecture [ECS cardiology guidelines]
Oct 24th
8am – 9am M&M (Gong)
9am – 9:30am Trauma Kahoot (Jones)
       9:30am – 10am ACS Corner (Jones)
10am – 1015am BREAK
       10:15am – 10:45am ACEP Resident presentations (Naydich)
       10:45am – 11:15am PD Hour (Alexander)
       11am – 12pm Foundations Cases
Written Assignment:
Oct 31st
All NYC EM Conference
Assignment: Rosh Review Tests – Foundations Unit 10/Trauma 1, Unit 11/Trauma 2
Nov 7th
8am – 9am PD Hour (Alexander)
       9am – 10:30am Corporate Compliance (Tracy Dowlat)
10:30am – 10:45am(Break
10:45am – 10:50am Safety and Data Sheets In-Service (Jessie Ghandi – safety coordinator)
10:50am – 11:30am Foundations Cases (Case 25-PGY1, Case 73-PGY1) (Sanchez, Cecil)
11:30am – 11:45am Resident Lecture – Neck Trauma (Sanchez)
11:45am – 12noon Resident Lecture – Maxillofacial Trauma (Cecil)
Nov 14th
7:30am-9am Faculty Meeting
9am – 10am Patient Safety (Mansky)
10am – 1pm Hazmat Training
Readings: none
Assignment: Rosh Review Tests – Foundations Unit 12/Trauma 3, Minitest 18-19 Traumatic Disorders
Nov 21th
7am-8am In-Training Prep Club 2 (Optional) [Cardiovascular, Pulmonary]
8am – 9am M&M (Stahl)
9am – 9:15am Ultrasound Presentation (Carter)
9:15am – 9:30am Rosh Questions Review (Jones)
9:30am – 10am Cyanide, Dyshemoglobinemias, Sympathomimetics, Anticholinergics, Cholinergics (Vu)
10am-10:15am Break
10:15-10:30am – Nearpod (Vu)
10:30am – 11am Trauma in the Elderly (Vu)
11am – 12noon Foundations Cases (Case 96-PGY1; Case 205-PGY2/3) (Vu, Olivo)
Nov 28th
7am-8am In-Training Prep Club 3 (Optional) [Pulm, GI, GU]
8am – 9am M&M (Pezeshki)
       9am-9:30am Resident Lecture – Pediatric thoracic trauma (Fieldings)
       9:30-10am Resident Lecture – Pediatric abdominal trauma (Perepada)
       10-10:15am Break
       10:15-11am Spinal Trauma (Jones)
       11-12pm Foundation Cases (Case 226-PGY2/3, Case 305-PGY2/3) (Vu, Jones)
Dec 5th
8am – 11am Joint EM Conference with SUNY Downstate @ Lecture Hall 1, corner New York Ave and Clarkson Ave
11am – 12noon Rosh Review Test Assignments
Dec 12th
7am – 8am In-Training Prep Club 4 (Optional) [Environmental, Tox, Metabolic/Endocrine]
8am – 9am In-Training Prep Club 5 [ObGyn, Peds, ID] (Vu)
9am – 12noon Procedures Lab (Vu, Alexander, Jones, Olivo)
Transvenous Pacing
Fiberoptic Intubation
Lumbar Puncture in Adults and Pediatrics
Chest Tube Insertion
Central Venous Catheter Insertion
Dec 19th
8am – 9am M&M (Lindauer)
9am – 10am Financial Planning (Dvor)
       10am – 10:30am Resident Lecture – US in Trauma (Carr)
       10:30am – 11am Resident Lecture – Extremity Trauma (Faour)
       11am – 11:15am Break
       11:15am – 12pm  Pain Management (Abdul, Bui)
       12pm – 1pm Journal Club
Dec 26th
No conference
Jan 2nd
8am – 9am M&M (Carter)
       9am-9:30am ACEP Presentations (Obaseki, Pierre)
       9:30 – 9:45am Break
9:45am – 10am Ultrasound Presentation (Minhas)
10am – 11am Stroke Patient Assessment Triage – NYC LAMS Scale (Vulkanov)
       11am – 11:30am Resident Lecture – Pelvic and GU Trauma (Fieldings)
11:30am – 12noon Resident Lecture – Traumatic Brain Injury (Pezeshki)


Jan 9th
7:30am-9am Faculty Meeting
All NYC Conference – @ Mt. Sinai
Jan 16th
8am – 9am M&M (Faour)
9am – 9:30am Resident Lecture – Eye Trauma (Thomas)
       9:30am – 10:00am ACGME and safety updates (Dr Scott and Dr Paras)
       10am-10:30am PD Hour
       10:30-11:00am Optho Emergencies (Zwern)
       11am-12pm Videos and Chief Meeting


Jan 23
8am – 9am M&M (Naydich)
       9am – 9:30am STIs and related (Statchiaris)
       9:30am – 10:30am  ACGME Survey
       10:30am – 11:15am – Journal Club (Jones)
       11:15am – 12pm In-Training Prep [Ob/Gyn, Endocrine, HemOnc] (Vu)
Jan 30
8am – 9am M&M (Gong)
       9am – 9:30am Acute Renal Failure (Naydich)
       9:30am – 10:30am Bleeding Control
       10:30am – 11am Urological Emergencies (Carr)
       11am – 11:30am Tox Board Review (Jones)
       11:30am – 12pm Neurology Board Review (Vu)
Feb 6th
Combined Inservice Review Lecture @NYP Methodist

8:30 – 9:15 Coffee + Bagels
9:15 – 9:30 Neurology – Dr. Thomas Vu, Associate Program Director – Brookdale Hospital
9:30 – 9:45 HEENT – Dr. Annette Visconti, Associate Program Director – NYP-BMH
9:45 – 10:00 Cardiology – Dr. Lukasz Cygan, Associate Program Director – NYP-BMH
10:00 – 10:15 – Break
10:15 – 10:30 Environmental – Dr. Adam Kramer, PGY-3 – Brooklyn Hospital
10:30 – 10:45 Pulmonary – Dr. Meredith Jones, Associate Program Director – Brookdale Hospital
10:45 – 11:00 Toxicology – Dr. Chris Mendoza, Director of Quality Assurance – NYP-BMH
11:00 – 11:15 – Break
11:15 – 11:30 Pediatrics – Dr Brian Pritchard, Brooklyn Hospital
11:30 – 11:45 Gastrointestinal – Dr Adebenke Adebayo, Brooklyn Hospital
11:45 – 12:00 Trauma – Dr. John Morrison, Faculty Attending – Brookdale Hospital
12:00 – 12:20 Procedures – Dr. John Morrison, Faculty Attending – Brookdale Hospital

Feb 13th
ACGME Site Visit
No Conference
Feb 20th
8am – 9am M&M (Fieldings)
       9am – 9:20am High Yield Cardiac Review (Alexander)
       920am – 9:40am High Yield review (Jones)
       9:40am – 10am High Yield GI Review (Jones)
       10am – 11am Peds High Yield Review (Alexander)
       11am – 11:30pm High Yield Pictures (Jones)
       11:30am-12pm Foundations Inservice Review